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A collection of some past projects.

4th of July City of Westlake Parade
4th of July City of Westlake Parade
Celebrate Westlake Business Expo
2019 Celebrate Westlake Snapchat
2018 Celebrate Westlake Snapchat
Lifestyle Marketing Brochure
Lifestyle Marketing Brochure
Lifestyle Marketing Brochure G_0789
Lifestyle Marketing Brochure
Lifestyle Marketing Brochure
Privately Labeled Bottled Water
Promotional giveaways and gifts
High Quality Paper/Linen Towels
Promotional giveaways and gifts
Hang tag for Northern Stitch
NM Marden Ridge Apartments
Herrmann Computer Services
Olde River Yacht Club marketing
Olde River Yacht Club Trade Show
Olde River Yacht Club Trade Show
Olde River Yacht Club Marketing
Russo & Associates
Thank You Card
Stonebrook Driving Range
SaluTe Kombucha
NM University Studio Apartments
Twitter Background Design/Branding
NM University Studio Apartments
Social Media Poster
Brand Mock Up
NM Apartment Guide Tax Ad
Branding for Musician
Wedding Website
Logo Comps
University Studio Apartment
NM Review Campaign
NM Welcome Brochures
NM  Branding
NM Branding
NM Branding
NM Branding
CN Management
CN Management
Wedding Name Cards
Alan & Ashley Save The Date
NM Limo
NM Limo
NM Limo
NM Limo
NM Limo
Front Row Bar & Grill
Coffee Bean Cafe
NM "Popped In" Leave Behinds
Coffee Bean Cafe Menu
University Studio Marketing Material
Marden Ridge Flyer
Olde River Yacht Club
Olde River Yacht Club
Indian Hills Senior Community
NM Corporate
Stonebrook Driving Range
Eco-Treat :: Heat Remediation
NM Limo
NM Limo
College Comp Posters
NM Resident Portal Branding
Writing Example Marden Ridge
Writing Example Maitland West
Writing Example Maitland West


A collection of marketing and promo photography.









I started my career in design and creative media as a young high-schooler doing WYSIWYG drag and drop websites for local racing/sprint car teams using Homestead.com online software. I knew I really enjoyed and loved design and web, so I decided to take a two year program at a local technical high school, EHOVE Career Center. Shortly before I graduated from EHOVE and High School, the owner at Kelly Graphics in Milan, OH saw my work from a Senior Capstone project and asked if I would like to intern at her studio. Kelly Graphics was a specialty print shop in Milan, OH. I worked there for the summer to gain knowledge and experience. In fall 2004, I interviewed for a layout/design position at Douthit Communications in Sandusky, OH. There I designed ads and laid out content & photos for the real estate magazine, Homes Illustrated, second shift. Two years into that job, I started working morning/days at EHOVE Career Center in Milan, OH in the digital media department. In 2008, I graduated with my two degrees and moved to Cleveland and worked in the Multi-Family & Commercial Real Estate & Business Management Industry(ies) until 2018.


In July 2018, after 10 years, I left the Multi-Family industry behind and began my current position at Q-Lab Corporation. Q-Lab Corporation is a world-wide B2B manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing of weathering and corrosion testing chambers & testing panels. The company also offers contract weathering and corrosion testing in their labs around the world. This is especially useful to companies that don't have space for their own lab or capital to purchase testing equipment. They can contract with Q-Lab and still be able to test their products to weathering exposure to be sure they know the failure point of their product while exposed to moisture, UV light, heat and other factors.

I have extensive experience and knowledge in multi-media creation, graphic design, marketing, creative direction and social media.

Current Role: Senior Digital Marketing Specialist 

Q-Lab Corporation
Dates Employed: July 2018 - Present

Location: Cleveland, OH

Q-Lab Corporation is a global provider of material durability testing products since 1956. They design and manufacture standard test substrates as well as weathering, light stability, and corrosion testers. In addition, contract test services which include accelerated laboratory testing are available at Q-Lab Florida, Q-Lab Arizona, and Q-Lab Deutschland.

Q-Lab Corporation weathering products and services are used by material scientists and technicians in numerous industries including: additives and colorants, adhesive and sealants, automotive, building materials (such as roofing and siding), fabrics/textiles, food and beverages, graphic arts/inks, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, plastics and packaging, and renewable energy (such as solar).


♦ Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns, Destination Landing Pages
Create/manage campaigns/landing pages for events & end-user product use cases (software downloads, warranty registrations, etc.). Analyzing collected data for decision making processes.

♦ Webinars

Broadcast monthly weathering & corrosion topics. Recorded presentations are uploaded to YouTube. Discovering & discussing trends & creative ways to broadcast our content.

♦ Graphic Design & Media Creation
Creating graphical print/web content design, but compelling video & media content. We all play our own roles in graphic & media production & planning. 


♦ Marketing & Social Events

Ensuring Q-Lab Corporation is well represented during community outreach & marketing events. 


♦ Digital/Print Listings

Discovering/managing digital/print ad opportunities. Ensuring our brand guidelines are met & message remains consistent. Measuring ROI to measure effectiveness of advertising. 


♦ Website & Content Updates

Identifying stale content, requesting new content & making changes & updates as necessary.


♦ Translations

Ensuring that marketing content is being translated into local languages for all content & all processes & procedures are being followed.


♦ Social Media

Curated content specific to our products, customers & company.


♦ Email Signatures

Create/manage marketing content on signatures to make sure they meet all brand standards.

♦ SEO/SEM Digital Marketing
Constant management of paid ads, sponsored content, keywords & their direct relationship of traffic to landing pages &/or associated content. Excluding “negative” keywords from unnecessary spending. Researching, testing, adding relevant keywords to drive further traffic. Creating various ad content to test what drives better traffic.

♦ Internal, “Q-TV” Media Updates
Create graphical content “slides” for internal visual media slide show that appears in all our offices, globally

For my full resume, education & more please visit my LinkedIn profile.




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